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The Firebird Software, included with the Juliet 60, Romeo 120 and Phoenix graphical embosser is a comprehensive set of productivity tools that powers the overwhelming graphical capacities of our Embossers. The Firebird Software includes a special graphical editor that provides you with a comprehensive list of automatic tools to effortlessly create tactile graphic images and allow the application of graphical filters to make a clean tactile image to emboss.

Last versions of Firebird Software, already include a preview of the filters before applying them, as also, allows you to open the trickiest PRN files. 

The Firebird Software was designed by Enabling Technologies and is a free software allow you to maximize the use of our three newest models of Braille embossers. This software is free and we want you to enjoy the art of teaching and experience the most sharp and detailed graphics ever, due to our supreme graphical dot quality.

•  The most recent features of the Firebird Software includes:

•  Side-by-side view of original graphic image and tactile graphic image.

•  Built-in, controllable filters allow you to remove any background colors.

•  Allows you to open and edit .JPG, .TIF, .BMP, .PNG; PRN files.

•  Separate Braille image editor.

•  Nine BANA compliant area fills.

•  Context sensitive Help.


The Firebird Software is compatible with all the most recent versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 7.


Download new Firebird v29.1 here.