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Attache Pro

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The Romeo Attaché Pro makes legendary Romeo Braille quality more portable than ever, and are perfect for on-the-go-teachers and students.

The Romeo Attaché Pro comes with our Single Sheet Tractors and ET Speaks, our innovative speech system, as standard features. It weighs only 16 pounds and is built into a sturdy metal case with the finest quality, environmentally friendly materials.

The Romeo Attaché Pro comes standard with the following capabilities and features:

•  Embosses at a speed of 25 characters per second (cps). 

•  Embosses 6 or 8 dot Braille.

•  Embosses regular (12.5 DPI) and high resolution (17 DPI) graphics.        

•  Dynamic Braille Scaling for different Braille sizes. 

•  Embosses high-quality, single-sided Braille on continuous form, tractor feed Braille paper up to 8.5 inches wide. 

•  Includes Single Sheet Tractors that will allow you to emboss up to 22 lines on 11 inch non-tractor paper (such as letterhead or other special media) by hand-feeding one sheet at a time through the embosser.

•  Includes ET Speaks provides automatic speech feedback as you use your embosser.  

Our optional carrying case adds even more ease and convenience. You may find complete information on the Romeo Attaché Pro Carrying Case in the "Accessories" tab. 

The Romeo Attaché Pro comes with built in USB, parallel and serial ports and easily connects to your modern computer system or Braille Notetaker.

The Romeo Attaché Pro comes with a one-year factory warranty, USB cable, line cord, user manual & printer driver on CD-ROM and toll-free customer support and/or email support. Annual Service Maintenance Agreements(SMA) for the Romeo Attaché Pro are also available for purchase.