Manufacturing Braille Embossers for over 43 years

We Have Moved

Our New Address is:
1310 Business Park Place, Jensen Beach Florida 34957.

At CSUN 2016 ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES introduced the latest generation of embossers!

The Romeo 60 and the Juliet 120. Pre order yours Today!

Soon we will be releasing the FireBird Graphic Editor Version 28.0 This version will be even more user friendly and will include enhanced functions for embossing PRN files on the Phoenix Embosser.

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<u><b>Phoenix:</u><i> New Design!</i></b><br/> Braille and Tactile Graphic Embosser <u><b>Trident:</b></u> Double-Sided Embosser <u><b>Cyclone:</b></u> Single-Sided Embosser